Emergency Information


As a public service when an emergency or threatening weather condition exists the Clare and/or Isabella County Emergency Management Department will activate the community warning siren system.  Within the City of Clare there are four warning sirens - one in the south side of the City by the roundabout operated by Isabella County and three others operated by Clare County including one on the east side of the City by Stamina Stadium, one on the west side of the City by the Brookwood Athletic Complex and one on the north side of the City on McEwan Street by the  restaurants.  Each of the community warning sirens also has voice capability that can be used for public announcements.

Unless threatening weather conditions are present the warning sirens are tested once a month on the first Thursday of the month between 3:00 and 3:30 p.m..  The test may consist of a warning siren, an all clear signal, a voice message or a combination of all three signals.

Weather warnings in Clare are signified by a three-minute continuous siren (the sound may seem warbled as our sirens rotate 360 degrees).  The all-clear signal is one minute in duration with a sound similar to a scoreboard buzzer at a basketball game (again, the sound may seem warbled as the sirens rotate 360 degrees for maximum area coverage). 

Examples of these siren sounds are available for your convenience on the Isabella County website.